LAMB ethical brand

Production Standards
Our supplier's production facilities have been rated among the highest in the industry for quality by demanding inspection teams from prominent companies. Our suppliers consistently update and improve their manufacturing facilities, making full use of all the technological advancements in the textile industry.
AS recognises its responsibilities to workers for the conditions under which its products are made and that these responsibilities extend to all workers producing products or services for AS. We believe that good workplace standards, decent health and safety requirements, fair pay and conditions, and care for the environment are important elements in business success.
We value all of our employees, and set the same high standard for their working conditions as we set for the high quality of our products. Our production facilities are W.R.A.P certified, ensuring a sweat-shop free product and ethical work conditions. Click here to read more about the WRAP certification and read up on their policies.
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Cutting Down Our Environmental Impact
Along with addressing larger scale production issues AS Colour is always looking for new ways to cut down our company waste and reduce our impact on the environment. We have made a conscious effort to stop our t-shirts being supplied in plastic bags, saving a huge amount of needless rubbish and landfill every month. Even small steps such as buying recycled printer paper, re-using cartons and office paper when possible and supplying biodegradable bags in our showroom add up to big reductions in our waste.
We believe these practices should be an important part of the future of every business and we hope that our customers feel the same way.